Leafcutter Bee Insert- Local Pick Up

For those with a permanent bee home in their backyard. If you rented a mason bee kit this year, when you return the mason bees to pick up your leafcutter bees, keep the black house in your backyard, bring us the nesting block and the tube, and rent the leafcutter bee insert.

This rental comes with a leafcutter nesting block with 100-150 leafcutter bees in the plugged holes ready to emerge and begin their summer pollination work. We typically see leafcutter bees emerge around the 4th of July in climates like the Pacific Northwest. In others areas they may emerge earlier depending on summer temperatures. 

This product cannot be shipped and must be picked up at one of our local events in Washington or Oregon state. Consider renting our shippable leafcutter bee insert if you would like your bees mailed to your home.

All pick up dates of bee kits can be found on our Events page.


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