Mason Bee Insert- Shipped To Your Home

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We are currently sold out of mason bees! Please join our mailing list so that you can be notified when we are shipping mason bees for the 2021 mason bee season. If you would still like to host solitary bees in your yard, consider renting our leafcutter bee kit.

Host mason bees for the spring season! If you already have a permanent bee house in your yard, this insert includes everything you need to successfully host these gentle pollinators mailed straight to your home. If you do not have a bee house, rent our mason bee kit. By renting mason bees, you can pollinate your garden, repopulate your neighborhood with native bees, and play a direct role in supporting food production. Mason bees are particularly helpful for pollination of fruit trees, berry bushes, and other spring blooming plants.

Want to rent leafcutter bees too? Reserve our shippable pollinator package insert.

This package includes: 60 mason bee cocoons inside of an emergence tube, a mason bee nesting block, a packet of flower seeds, and a bag of clay. You will also receive instructions for how to release your bees, what to do with your bag of clay, how to send the bees back, and a return shipping label. 

At the end of the season in September, we will send you a notice by email when it is time to send the mason bees back to us so we can clean them and prepare them for hibernation. More information on our cleaning process.

Please note that customers receiving their bees by mail located east of the Rocky Mountains will be charged an additional $25 shipping charge.

You bees will be shipped out on a selected Tuesday to ensure they arrive before your trees are ready to be pollinated. This kit cannot be mailed to PO boxes

Timeline of rented mason bee kit: 

March: Receive kit, when you purchase online you will select a ship date that falls a week before when your fruit trees typically bloom. Contact us at if you are unsure what date to select.

March-June: Put your mason bee nesting block inside of your bee house, take the tape off of the emergence tube, and set it in the box next to or on top of the nesting block. Watch the bees work hard to pollinate your fruit trees and lay their offspring in the nesting block. 

June: You will receive an email when it is time to bring mason bees into your garage or basement to protect them from predators. 

September: Your developing mason bees are now fully formed in cocoons and are secure enough to be mailed back to us. Use the box your bees came in and your return shipping label to send us back the bees. We will do the rest of the work taking care of your bees during the winter months.

Mason bees can be shipped to most of the 50 states. They cannot be rented in LA, AL, GA, MS, or FL because of high humidity and temperature levels. Due to regional adaptations of the two mason bee subspecies, renters west of the Rockies will receive Osmia lignaria propinqua and renters east of the Rockies will receive Osmia lignaria lignaria.