Leafcutter bee rentals will become available again June 2019.

Rent this option if you would like your leafcutter bee kit sent to your door. Already have a permanent bee house? Consider renting our leafcutter bee insert that can be mailed to your door. Select your desired ship date and your bees will be mailed to you by priority mail. 

Please note that customers receiving their bees by mail located east of the Rocky Mountains will be charged an additional $25 shipping charge.

This kit will include a return label that you can use to send your bees back at the end of the season. These docile bees will fly during the summer pollinating your summer vegetable gardens and flower beds. By September, the next generation of leafcutter bees is developing in the blocks and you mail the nesting block back to our facility in NW Washington State. We will clean the nesting blocks, make sure the developing bees are healthy and protected, and the bees you grow in your backyard will then be taken to local farms to pollinate crops that end up in our grocery stores. 

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