Mason Bee Clay

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Sold out for spring 2019. Mason bee clay will be available for pick up starting in February 2020. 

Clay helps mason bees with the nesting process throughout the spring months. Use this clay to make mud for your mason bees that they will use to pack the holes of the nesting block to protect their offspring. Many of our customers increase their success at hosting mason bees when they supplement their soil with a bag of clay!

How to use the clay: 

1. Dig a small hole (about a foot deep) somewhere in your yard. It does not need to be right next to where you hung your bee house. The bees will travel 300 feet in any direction from the box searching for pollen and mud. 
2. Get the hole wet.
3. Get the clay wet. This can be in your hands or in a bowl. This part is a bit messy as the clay gets very sticky when its wet. 
4. Line one side of the hole with the sticky clay about .5" to 1" thick. The clay does not need to go all the way around the hole. Mold it as if your a molding a clay bowl. The bees will go into the side of the hole to find mouthfuls of muddy clay. 
5. Keep the hole wet throughout May. This is a very important step! As temperatures dry out, fill the hole periodically with water when you go out to water your garden. This will keep the clay moist and enable the bees to use it to fill their nesting blocks to protect their developing offspring. 

This product cannot be shipped by itself and must be picked up at one of our local events in Washington state. Consider renting our shippable mason bee kit, our pollinator package, or shippable leafcutter bee kit if you would like your bees shipped to your home which includes a bag of clay.

All pick up dates of bee kits can be found on our Events page.

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