About Us

Rent Mason Bees is a small business focused on providing gardeners and fruit growers (from small to big) with native pollinators. We only service the Pacific Northwest. Our bees are native to this region and we do not service customers outside of Washington and Oregon. We do not ship. Our customers pick up and hand carry the kits back to us due to the fragile nature of baby bees.

We are a little different in that we don't sell, we rent our bee kits. Gardeners only need pollination during the time their plants have blossoms. At the end of the pollination period, the kits are returned to us, so we can do the hard work of cleaning them, and caring for the baby bees the rest of the year.

We offer two bees - mason and leafcutter bees. Learn more about these amazing little creatures on the Bees page. Most people know about honey bees, but few have heard of our gentle, non-aggressive, busy, little pollinators who carry the name of bee, but look more like house flies.

One more thing about Rent Mason Bees, like you, we care about the environment. Helping the bees grow in number is our way of doing something to contribute to future food production.


Missy Anderson is Queenbee and our local expert in the Puget Sound  area. She gives lively presentations to various groups. She has this to share:

"In 2000, I did not know what a mason bee was. Fifteen years later, I share what I've learned and have so much fun doing it. I invite you to attend a talk or schedule a private bee party. You will bee glad you did."




Jim Watts is the owner of Rent Mason Bees and Watts Solitary Bees. He is a founding member of the Orchard Bee Association, a non-profit which aims to accelerate the production and use of orchard mason bees. Jim grew up around bees working with his dad in the family bee business. His passion led him to start his own business operating now for over 25 years. His expertise includes:

 - Commercial pollination with solitary bee
 - Propagating native bees
 - Helping local gardeners with their pollination needs





Craig Watts is located in Portland, Oregon. He has been working with solitary bees for the past eight years. His focus has been on the propagation of leafcutter and mason bees, and the development of products for the bee industry.





Rich Little joined Rent Mason Bees in 2015. He is our local expert in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. Since 1982, Rich has been an enthusiastic and passionate speaker about insects (especially bees) and our natural world. He presents to schools, civic groups, libraries, gardens clubs, nurseries, and agriculture groups. He also serves as a volunteer teacher for the Master Gardeners in Oregon through the OSU Extension service. After retiring as a Deputy Agriculture Commissioner in 2010, Rich moved to Sweet Home with his wife, Kris.