How do I know my yard can host mason bees?

Hosting mason bees is very easy. You need to provide them with three things:

  1. Sources of pollen and nectar during April and May within 300 feet. This could be fruit trees, flower beds, a yard of dandelions or a green belt. Remember, they won’t just stop on your property line, they will travel across the street and into your neighbors’ yards for food too.
  2. A nesting block in the sun. We will give you the house to host your bees in, all you need to do is find a sunny spot in your yard to hang the house. To hang, use one nail or screw on the side of your house, fence, or a post in your garden. South facing is great, and you want to ensure that they will get morning sun.
  3. A mud source. We have small bags of clay available if you want to supplement your sandy soil with some clay to make it easier for the bees to work with. Instructions for building your mud hole are linked here. Make sure you keep it wet throughout the spring.