Missy's support makes hosting mason bees in my garden incredibly easy. I attribute the amazing numbers of apples we grow on our small tree to these cute, hard working bees!   - Sarah Bergdahl, Issaquah

The bees provide pollination for all the early blooming native plants in both my yard and the neighboring greenbelt.   - JB, Lake Forest Park






Missy is awesome! What an amazing service. ...Go girl! Pollinate the world!   
- Rick Turner, Seattle




Missy has always provided very active mason bees and plenty of friendly advice on the best way to use them. Resulting crops of veggies tell the story. Missy's bees are the best.  - Gordon, Mercer Island



Renting mason bees and Leafcutter bees was easy and no-fuss. I got the chance to let these wonderful critters loose in my yard, to help pollinate all the fruits and vegetables, and it was fun to see them fill up the boxes with their offspring. It is so easy to take them back to Missy and know they will be taken care of and protected, and I can get more again for a reasonable price next season. I have friends who take apart their own mason bee boxes themselves and it takes hours …..not for me! It is really wonderful to be able to be part of increasing the native bee population! - Brenda Matter, Seattle



Having mason and leafcutter bees brought a unique joy to our yard every day: seeing them emerge from their nests, hearing them buzz around our flowers, and watching their progress in building new nests. Our yard feels a bit lonelier without them and we are looking forward to hosting them again next year. -R. Hoyt



Steve and I have hosted Missy's bees for a few years now, and we love it! First, we are doing something good for the environment. Second, it is fun. We get a kick out of visiting the Mason bees several times a day to check on their progress, and we felt a sense of pride when Missy said we had a great yard for them. We plan to continue renting these bees every year.  - Cathy and Steve


I have had quantities of apples and plums this year, almost too many to harvest from just one plum and one mini-dwarf apple and there were lots of cherries coming but they all fell in a fruit drop early June. Surely the trees were helped by the mason bees! 
-PK, Seattle


  I am most grateful for the mason bees I rent each spring. This year the native evergreen huckleberry plants were loaded with berries, as were the Indian Plum. I actually got to see a few bees as I located their home at eye level by the front door. -Merry Ann, Burien