Why Bees?


Bees are excellent pollinators. Plants need pollination to produce. Without bees, the fruit yield of a plant is hampered. That's true for vegetables as well as fruit trees. Apples, almonds, tomatoes, and squash, and many other favorite garden plants will produce very little. The plant will grow, but not produce as expected.

 Unlike honey bees, mason and leafcutter bees are not only excellent pollinators, they are safe to be around. They are non-aggressive and are shygentle creatures. They are solitary bees and don't have a queen to protect, thus they busily fill their days   pollinating.


With the decline of the honey bee, and the de
cline of other pollinators, we at Rent Mason Bees found another solution -- spread the use of native pollinators, promote the growth and health of native pollinators and thus reduce the dependence on the declining population of honey bees.
Your yard can provide a stable environment where bees can thrive. Regardless if you have a single apple tree or a variety of plants, you can
host a kit of mason bees.
Pollination is vital to our food supply. Pollination also helps plants to be healthier. When plants are healthy, they clean the air and water. By hosting bees, you are helping the environment in so many ways. It's easy with Rent Mason Bees.