Why Rent?

Our Solution: Rent what you need, when you need. Avoid the work.

We rent pollination kits which contain safe, local bees to provide a sustainable, economical solution for gardeners, fruit growers and farmers. Our kits come fully assembled and ready to hang. When your pollination needs have been met at the end of the season, you don't need to hassle with the care, cleaning and storage of the bees. You simply return the kit to us and we do the work.

Renting is hassle free.

You relax and enjoy the bounty of your yard and garden. We take care of the rest. While the kit is with you, the bees fly about pollinating. After the pollination season is over, the kits come back to us so we can begin our work of maintaining the house, cleaning the nesting block and caring for the developing baby bees. Renting is made easy and you're guaranteed healthy bees.

For those of you who are new to mason bees, here is a brief overview.

1) In the spring, the bees are placed outside in carefully chosen sunny spot. Good placement will allow them to emergence from their cocoons at the optimal time.
2) After they pollinate and their life cycle ends, the nests with the baby mason bees should be removed from the outdoors. We collect our kits and protect them from infection.
3) We store the nesting blocks in a location under proper temperature to allow the baby bees to develop properly.
4) In the fall, we wash the cocoons to eliminate mites and fungus.
5) The clean cocoons are then refrigerated at proper temperature and humidity to ensure their fat stores will last during hibernation.
6) The nest blocks themselves are then cleaned to reduce spread of pests.
7) Bee houses are inspected and repaired/repainted if needed.


We will do all this for our customer who rent our kits. What we ask of our customers is to pick up and return the kit. You enjoy the best part!  We do all the rest! It's that simple.


 Rent Mason Bees provides a sustainable solution in an economical fashion -- complete, ready-to-hang kits that are safe around kids and pets.
 Great for any yard or garden.